SGC-Hosting is the end result of a large online gaming community (Sublime Gaming Community) - starting off has a free post-to-host web hosting service for its gaming community members. Today, SGC-Hosting offers a wide variety of services to fit all web hosting needs - whether it's for your own personal blog, e-mail, or business website. SGC-Hosting has a solution.

We'll bend over backwards for our customers. We live for our community, our clients, and our services. SGC-Hosting stands behind everything we do. We are so confident in our ability to satisfy your web hosting needs that we back all shared hosting plans with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason during the first 60 days you are not completely satisfied for any reason, you may cancel your account and we will refund any fees for your rented disk space.

We do not limit our customers with what they use our services for and we do not use deceitful promises. We do not oversell our hardware, we do not offer services with conditions to limit your use. As long as your content is legal in the US - you can use our services however you'd like - blog, backup storage, your own personal "cloud" storage, file sharing - we'll allow it within the extent of the law.

SGC-Hosting, as a company, has officially been in business since August 19, 2006 - but we have been working in the industry since 2004. We're here to stay.

Super friendly support - We'll do everything we can to assist our customers. Message us day or night - even if it's to tell us about your day!

Unbelievable prices - At SGC-Hosting, we employee a very talented team of engineers - we've deployed tactics to help provide a higher quality service, at extremely low prices, without overselling our servers. We take too much pride in our services to take cheapskate shortcuts.

Our guarantee - You have 60 days to get a full refund on web hosting services. Unfortunately, domain names, SSL certificates, and software licenses are non-refundable - even if they were bundled with your hosting package.

Ultra-reliability - We have a history of superior uptime. However, nobody is perfect - if your website drops below our 99% uptime guarantee, we'll credit your account.

Nightly Backups - We take nightly, off-site, backups of our servers. If our servers decide to self-destruct, we'll be able to rebuild our servers using a recent backup. You can also access nightly cPanel backups. We even backup your backups!

RAID 10 Storage - That's right. We don't gamble on RAID 5 or 6 arrays like most hosts do to make you feel safe. We use an environment of high fault tolerance while improving read-speed performance.

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